duminică, 22 decembrie 2013

How To Choose The Right Size For The Dog House

So you have finally decided to let your dog have a new home. That is a very nice gesture you have made and the dog will thank you for that. There is nothing as fulfilling as watching your pet wander in and out if their own house, getting some relief from the scorching Sun or relaxing after a hard day of bone fetching.
There some questions you need to ask yourself before you build or purchase a new dog house. The questions are:
· Where will you place the house dog?
· What direction will the house aim?
· How close to your house should it be? 
· What type of material will you use?
· What will the color be?
But the most important question that you need to ask is 'What will the size of the dog house be?’
This is the most important thing when choosing a dog house. Your pet could end up so uncomfortable in the house that they might decide not to go inside the dog house at all; leaving you disappointed.
Below are the basic rules for sizing the dog house.
· The roof height of the dog house should be as high as the tallest part of the pet’s head, while the dog is standing up straight. And even though it is not compulsory to have the door as high as its roof, still you must give the animal the ability to comfortably stand up in the house.
· The length of the dog house should be more than the dog, including the tail. This will accommodate a full lying or standing by the dog inside the dog house.
· The width of the dog house must be wider than the dog’s body length, not including the tail. The dog should have room to turn around inside the dog house easily.
If you have more than one dog sharing the house, make sure that the measurements pertain to the largest pet. If the dog house is too big, it will only act as a large shelter, and will not offer much insulation or protection during the colder days.
In addition to the basic standard design, there are other ways of making the dog house even better and protect the dog from the harsh elements. Extend the front of the roof and install a deck or patio under it. This will raise the pet off the ground and protect it from the harsh elements.

Now these are the basic standard measurement requirements for buying or building your dog house.